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به ما و كاربران ما بگوئيد چه كسي هستيد, چه چيزي دوست داريد و چرا عضو اين سايت شديد.
ما به همه اعضاء جديد خوش آمد ميگوئيم و اميدواريم كه زياد شما را اينجا ببينيم !

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An Excellent garment at an excellent price..Fast delivery..all round I am extremely satisfied with my purchase..the one thing the jersey falls down on is that my bike still does not go any faster..That might well be my fault..let me think about that..Nope never..Now what else can I blame..
Jay Werb
But I washed it so I guess it shrunk
Diane Child
Love the pour over method, and these filters make it easy always have the option. Super inexpensive; the unbleached version is my preference, and hard to find in coffee shops (they alway have the white bleached ones). If you enjoy controlling your coffee pour, this is an essential item to have.
Concepcion Tapia Dominguez
Perfect fit for my boys to help in the yard!
If I could up the quality - I'd love a bit of rubber on the palms so they are more resilient to stickers, and have more "boy" gloves. But my boys dont complain.
Crystal A Randolph
I love this fanny pack! It fit perfectly around my waist! It wasn't too small and I was able to extend the waist belt for more room if I needed to. I may order more colors in this selection. I purchased it for a party. Happy customer indeed!
Luiz Wolschick

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