به كيوننا خوش آمديد

به ما و كاربران ما بگوئيد چه كسي هستيد, چه چيزي دوست داريد و چرا عضو اين سايت شديد.
ما به همه اعضاء جديد خوش آمد ميگوئيم و اميدواريم كه زياد شما را اينجا ببينيم !

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Tania Jones : They filter 'nuff said!
Patricia Morales : Great value! Fun for the summer. Well made. These, and a polo shirt makes a perfectly acceptable uniform, even for Kentucky.
Jennifer Pean : They are a little smaller than Dickie, Fruit of the Loom etc. but not by a lot......acceptable for me.
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