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ما به همه اعضاء جديد خوش آمد ميگوئيم و اميدواريم كه زياد شما را اينجا ببينيم !

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Harvey Jan Mercado Pasaylo
It's a little tighter than I hoped for, but not by a lot. I'm in the process of losing quite a bit of weight anyway, so it's really a complete non-issue for me!
Harry Tolley
Met my expectations
MilLa Krämer
Great little Jersey. Fits perfectly.
Soha So Ha
It's well done, but it's another sad story of the personality conflicts and family problems that so often haunt the lives of professional musicians. When it was over, I thought I was a little better off enjoying the music without knowing about the dirty laundry.
Ruth Nathalie
A little long, but for the price, what can U expect.
Penny Swanson
I'm 6'3 and 195 lbs I ordered a large. This worked great in my triathlons, the fit is comfortable and doesn't shift a whole lot when I transition from the bike to the run.

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